Friday, December 31, 2004

Ending the Year

Since my last post, I've been trolling through other blogs. I like the "next blog" button - it's like the random I-Pod shuffle, in that you never know quite what will come next. I must say I react to the foreign language pages with as much excitement as I do all those Tony Bennett/K.D. Lang duets (which appear much more frequently in the song rotation than statistics should allow.) Neeeeexxxtttt.

I am, apparently in the minority, not falling into one of two major blogger types: the teenage girl who can't spell but is addicted to exclamation points (! Elaine Benes would just! die!!), and stay-at-home moms, who sometimes have interesting things to say, but mostly just seem eager to connect with the outside (grown up?) world. I do like the few bloggers I've run across who are using the space as an online writing journal, posting a writing exercise a day, etc. It's an interesting idea, as it's a semi-public forum - more visible than a notebook keep in the bedside table, but less than distributing your stuff in an actual writing class.

Speaking of which, I just signed up for a Gotham Writing Workshop/Zoetrope online fiction class. It cost mega $$$, but I'm hoping it's worthwhile. A friend from the Zoetrope Belize workshop said that the live Gotham workshops are great. I think I chose online because it will be easier in the winter months to go home and participate, rather than trek into Manhattan after work. But I'm also afraid it's because I'm avoiding the people part of it - online anonymity is definitely a boon to the shy and introverted.



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