Saturday, January 22, 2005


That's what they say. Right now it's been 3 hours of thick snow, maybe 3 inches accumulated already. I went out this morning to get some groceries - usual Saturday stuff, but with a sense of urgency, since one of them was coffee and another coffee creamer. I can bundle up and walk out on the snowy sidewalks (and enjoy it) but not if stores are closed. I had forgotten that panicked pre-storm anxiety that hits people until I saw the long lines at the organic food store, and a woman came in gasping, "Do you have milk?"

I got home just before the snow started. (Without milk. I hate milk. Luckily, I am not supposed to have too much dairy, so it's good for me to hate it. The thought of drinking a tall glass of white milk with a meal makes me feel ill. But I bet the frantic woman would not put soy creamer in her coffee, either.

So it's a Saturday trapped inside - perfect for writing, reading, cleaning - I could be reading and critiquing the story due for my online class, scanning more of Aunt H's pages, finishing the photo album I owe Mom for Christmas, cleaning out my file cabinet, taking a nap, doing yoga with one of the many yoga DVDs I own, but no, I'm just sitting here listening to NPR and doing a computer jigsaw puzzle. Hopeless!

At least I haven't turned on the tv. Although there is that episode of Carnivale I taped that I need to watch...


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