Saturday, January 29, 2005

Boot 2

The boot is a godsend. With it, I can walk almost painlessly. (The first step or so hurts, until I get into the rolling gait that the curved bottom produces.) It wasn't so great on the stairs, though, yesterday. It's much longer than the step so I wind up placing it sideways. I have an odd relationship with stairs; I've lived in this third floor walkup for almost 11 years, and I still have problems if both my hands are full and I can't hold the railing on my way up or down. I definitely can't climb if I'm carrying something so bulky that I can't see my feet on the steps as well. (Not very helpful for assisting with people's moves. Not that it happens very often. Or likely, in a very specific case, ever again. Sigh.)

Someday, I'll tell that story. Maybe soon, since the fact that there is someone in this apartment building that used to be a friend of mine is suddenly weighing heavily on me, considering how helpful she could be right now.


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