Friday, January 28, 2005

the Boot

Yesterday morning, on the way from the gym to the office, feeling really proud of myself because I got up early and worked out, I stepped off a curb into what I thought was an inch of slush, misjudged the height, twisted my ankle, and fell. There were a couple of people around who asked if I were okay, and I stood and said, yes, in that way you do when you're embarrassed and just want to move on. But then, moving on really hurt. I picked my bag up from the slush puddle and started walking and every step killed. But what to do? There weren't any more people around so I kept walking toward the office, figuring I was closer to there (5 blocks) than home (12) and could get help there. My right foot really hurt, but I couldn't think of what else to do. Call someone in the office? Nobody is in before me. Call 911? Seemed overdoing it.

I won't get into the whole sorrid tale right now, but it involves some really nice helpful people (the medical and security staff at work) some really rude people (the x ray technician who stood there and watched as I struggled to carry my gym bag as I hopped down the long corridor to the examining room after waiting 2 + hours) and a verdict that it wasn't broken, but a badly sprained ankle. My regular doctor sent me to an orthopedic surgeon who gave me a boot - one of those big plastic/velcro strap things - that I have to wear for 4 weeks. Yay - four weeks of wearing only one shoe and my pant leg rolled up! But I can at least walk now with some degree of ease. A real comfort, as I live in a third floor walkup, without a buzzer system to let anyone in, so even if I order takeout I have to walk down to get my food and back up two flights to eat it.

I am working from home for now, probably returning to work on Monday. My sleep has been more disturbed than usual - can you tell? I'm blogging at 3 am - and I can't wait for the weekend when I don't have to check work email or deal with any of that. I'm sure I'll have more to share then, too. (Maybe even a photo of the Boot!)


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