Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Doing the Cable Guy

I can't even believe it, but I had to call TWC last night - the cable modem went out again. They've sent a technician 3 times, each time something has been replaced that will fix it, and it still doesn't work 24/7. So I told the guy I had no reason to call accept to bitch and moan at him, since apparently there is nothing they are able to do to fix this, and should I just accept that their service is intermittent and shitty? The customer service guy was incredibly supportive, let me rant, didn't talk down to me, tried to be helpful, and told me I have every right to be frustrated. Okay, but how does that help? I don't know. I let him talk me into another service call on Friday, although I'm not sure what that's supposed to achieve.

If it weren't for the fact that a different technician shows up each time, I'm sure my neighbors would think I'm doing the TWC guy. Unless they just think I'm doing ALL of them.


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