Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I think I just saw a mouse run from underneath my dresser to the radiator under the window. It was a dark blur - I had my glasses on, but wasn't completely focused on it. This sucks - I hate hate hate mice, and my apartment is already filled with those mouse sonic devices (the sucker ran right under one) that are supposed to keep them away. Can they get used to it?

I really want to pretend it was just a shadow. I don't think I'll be able to sleep here, in my bedroom, if I don't. My position is that they can exist, I just don't want to ever see them (or evidence of them.) I won't kill them - I tried once with a glue trap and it was horrifying! As for poison - well, last year we had a terrible smell in the building, very much like a gas leak, but the gas company man came and said that it was a decomposing mouse somewhere in the walls. It's the kind of smell that infiltrates your dreams.

Seriously, I'm freaked out. I might have to move.


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