Saturday, January 01, 2005

Little Spanglish Children

And Tom Perrotta did it again - I fell asleep at about 7, managing to sleep successfully until 10.

I also read some more of the novel on the subway to and from Manhattan today, and it completely held my interest, enough so that I almost missed my stop both times. (Since I no longer commute daily on the subway, my stop radar is way off.) I'm still not thinking that he's a great writer, but I don't want to put his books down.

Weird thing is that since I wrote "matter-of-fact" to describe his style here yesterday, I've run across it twice in his novel.

I'm afraid, though, that having just seen "Spanglish," another tale of a bad marriage told from an emotional distance, I'm going to confuse the two storylines. Yeah, I didn't really like the movie - too much time focused on the Mexican mother and her daughter and not enough on the white family. Why would Adam Sandler's character want to stay in his horrid marriage? Why would he not want to take his kids (the daughter, especially, has a highly dysfunctional relationship with her mom) and run? I'm not saying it's not plausible that he would stay - but the movie doesn't reveal enough insight to explain his choice.

And who in LA gets the NY Times, and no other paper, delivered?


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