Sunday, January 30, 2005

Midnight Madness

Midnight, woken by the sound of the Sex & the City theme song. Not surprising, considering I'd fallen asleep watching an episode, but I'd also used the sleep timer so the tv was off. Nope, this was the ringer of my cell phone in the other room. (Yeah, I know. Whatever.)

Not very many people have my cell phone number, and all of them have my regular number, too, but still in my wild imagination it was an emergency, even though my regular phone was silent beside the bed. Can't just hop out of bed, though. By the time I got the boot on and lobbed into the living room, it had gone to voice mail.

Wrong number. Now I'm awake. And pissed. Even when I am doing everything right (except turning down the volume of my ringer I suppose) I can't get a good night's sleep.


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