Saturday, January 29, 2005

More, Because I Can't Shut Up

Cable Modem update: woke up at 2:50 Wed morning to go to the bathroom, came back and turned on the tv, as I sometimes do, to drown out the inexplicable building noises (mice!) and lull myself to sleep. (It's why man created sleep timers on remotes.) A commercial for Verizon DSL high-speed internet. I can't get DSL, as Verizon has yet to wire my neighborhood for it. (It took the cable company many many months to wire us for digital, too - unfathomable as I am in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Brooklyn.) So all of my troubles with my cable modem have been even more troublesome because I have no other high-speed alternative. The Verizon commercials, therefore, are annoying.

As if on cue, my cable modem started flashing. (Jealousy?) I waited, frozen dumb. It had been over 4 days since the last service call, and I really thought that he'd figured out the problem this time. I couldn't sleep, lay awake for an hour, opening my eyes every couple of minutes to ascern that it was, yes, still flashing (which indicates no service.) Finally at 4:30 I called TWC, and their automated phone system was down (yay! I hate not having an option other than to use voice recognition. Sometimes, like for example late at night, I don't want to speak out loud in short burts - "New" "Cable Modem" "Connection Problem" - I'd rather press buttons) so I immediately got a service rep, who told me that internet service was out in all of Brooklyn/Queens. So it wasn't just me.

Now, nothing has happened since then, so I'm willing to accept that was a fluke, and that all is okay with my modem. But it's amazing how quickly that blinking light can stress me out...

Work update: Spent most of the 8-5 workday on the computer yesterday, being fairly productive, although not proactively. Was really happy when 5 came and I could shut down, though. At least, shut down that window - of course then I just switched to doing personal stuff!

Mobility update: Last night, ordered Thai food, put on the boot, and went downstairs. Walked a half block to mail some letters, walked back, got my mail, waited for the delivery guy. Carried the bags upstairs with relative ease. Today I am thinking of trying a trip to Starbucks or the alternative coffee place - I have reading/work to do for the Gotham course, plus just need to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. It's supposed to be a high of 35, which might mean wet sloppy slushy sidewalks/streets, so I don't know. I hate being fucking weather dependent.

Gotham update: Class is going well. The feedback I got on my posted story was good, some different insight than I'd gotten before (I workshoppped it both with my usual group & in Belize.) Overall, I am impressed with the intelligence of the other classmates and the level of discussion. One guy drives me crazy, but I'm starting to figure out how to ignore him. His was the other story posted in week 1, and I had a hard time finishing it. There are 3 this week, and I am hopeful that they will be better!


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