Saturday, January 22, 2005

Under 12 Feet

It's still coming down. Pretty impressive. Also a bit weird - since it's a Saturday, and there was plenty of warning, everyone is just hiding inside their apartments waiting. I wonder if the movie theater stayed open - I can practically see it from my bedroom window, but I didn't look. That would have been a thing to do. I'm going stir crazy because yesterday I worked from home, which is fun and comfy and productive, but also sooo solitary. When it's followed by a snowed-in at home day, I'm pretty desparate for human interaction. So much so, I made some phone calls to people I usually avoid because they are long-winded talkers.

Good weekend to get into the online writing class. Although this week, there are only 2 stories to provide a critique, and one of them is mine. The other was incredibly difficult, both to read and to comment on. Luckily other people who commented before me said what I thought so I'm not alone in thinking the guy is just an over-the-top writer.

Of course he commented on mine already, and said something I completely disagree with yet am not allowed to address. (Writers must keep mum till all comments are in - and then can only ask 1-2 follow up questions, no defensive responses.) My narrator is a 11-year old girl who's just moved from suburbia into the big city. In one scene, she climbs out onto the fire escape to read. The other writer pointed out that the words I used to describe the parts of the fire escape were wrong, and wondered why the girl called them what she did. Well, you see, she's eleven. And I've lived in Brooklyn for 10 years and I'm 42, and I don't know what their official name is - why would she?

(Who, me, defensive?)

Cable modem update - the guy who came this time discovered that there was an ineffective splitter, which turned out to be not in my apartment but in the backyard. He spent 30 minutes out there and felt confident that he fixed it for good. Yeah, so did the other guys - but this time I'm feeling better because nobody else even bothered to check anything outside of the apartment. So maybe it will work this time. The problem is that since it has been an intermittent problem, I can't know it's fixed until a while goes by without a problem. Absence of evidence is a very unsatisfying way to prove something.

I opened a new iTunes account using my PayPal account, and got 5 free songs. So of course I went browse-shopping and downloaded 11 songs. I'm addicted.


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