Monday, February 21, 2005

Good Walls Make Good Neighbors

There are a lot of really great things about this hotel - the thickness of the walls isn't one of them. I constantly hear the couple next door to me talking. Last night I heard the theme song for "Sex & the City"on their tv, and remembered that it was on so I switched the channel. (I am so reliant on the "info" button on my digital cable box - I hate tv without it. I need to know what's on, what's next, and more importantly, who is in this and when was it made.) This morning I heard their alarm go off; luckily it was ten minutes after I'd woken up to mine, but it was pretty much as loud.

Tonight I came in from dinner at about 10:00 and the happy couple is, yup, doing the nasty. I don't begrudge them their fun (at least she sounded like she was having fun) but I don't need to hear it.

Plus I have sunburn on my arms.


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