Thursday, February 10, 2005


Again, for the cable guy. Guys, this time, I hope, for that's what I've been promised. (And one just doesn't cut it anymore, baby, I need two.)

I have absolutely no faith that anything they do will work, or that they'll be able to comprehend why there is a major problem when my modem is, right now, working perfectly. Hopefully they've been doing this long enough to recognize the significant lag time between reporting a problem and getting a service call. There is no 911/EMT service for cable modems. (Maybe there should be.)

I think in the future this whole experience will be tied in memory to the boot - yeah, those weeks I had the sprained ankle and trouble getting around, and spent all that time dealing with the cable company. Crippled foot, crippled modem. (I won't bother with the boot/reboot joke... oh, damn, guess I just did.)


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