Friday, March 11, 2005

Checking in

It's been a while. Back at work, in the stress of things. Sunday morning I fly to CA on another business trip, this one decidedly more stressful and less socially promising. When I return, I'll have the rest of the week off, which is something to look forward to. As much as I want to close my brain off from thinking about work, I need to come to a decision about whether or not I want to stay there. Scratch that. I know I don't - the question is whether or not I'm brave enough to just leave and take my chances at starting over with something else.

Now, to sleep. I should try to get a good night's sleep as Sunday will be a super early morning, and I can't count on sleeping in tomorrow (Saturday) because of the Elephant upstairs's routine 7:28 am wakeup.


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