Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter

Sorry it's been so long, but feel comforted by the knowledge that this is what I'm saying to all of the - er, actual people I havent' been emailing lately. I've been busy at work, but also busy with my online writing class. Most of my computer time has been spent reviewing other class members' stories, participating in the class discussions, and working on my own writing. It's been positive in that way - I feel more focused on my stories and where I need to go with them.

Oh, and I bought The Sims 2, and in the grand tradition of all of the original Sims and all of its enhanced add-ons, I'm addicted. If more video games for XBox, etc. were that type of game - the non-violent, role-playing kind - I'd be a total gamehead. As it is, I stand out like a sore thumb (where did that saying ever come from? where is this thumb standing? is there a chorus line of thumbs I don't know about? can I get an audition for my right one? he's gotten quite buff from the spacebar workout) when I go into Game Stop to prowl the shelves looking for a new computer game like Syberia or Dark Fall. (Both excellent, by the way. I've played the sequels of both, too, and hope there will be more to come...)

See, when you get me started, I can be quite verbose.

I don't want to write about the changes at work which have driven me to update my resume, but will give an update on the other boring personal matters: cable modem has been problem-free for over a month now, and my ankle is better. No more cast or cane, but still gets achy after walking too much. I haven't tried to wear heels at work yet, but just had to buy a pair of beautiful new dressy shoes yesterday in anticipation of full return to normal.

I have three bookmarked blogs that I still return to daily. It's weird, because I just found them on my first day of scrolling (surfing? what is it called when you "next blog" repeatedly til something catches your eye?) and haven't really found many others as interesting. I can't imagine anyone stalking me that way. Unless I made this radically more interesting.


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