Friday, May 27, 2005

Podcast Obsessed

I've become addicted to podcasts. I listen as I walk to and from work, as I work out at the gym, and if I'm traveling, on a train or plane. I've tried a bunch of them and found a handful that I enjoy, so they are on my regular subscription download list. Some of these people are seriously funny and entertaining - some not - but I've found enough quality ones to keep my iPod filled.

There is something a bit odd about having a voice in your ear that is essentially a guy sitting alone talking to his computer. It's very - intimate, I guess. Rather like blogging - there's this sense that he's just putting himself out there, in a very private yet very public way. Anyone can listen, and yet, maybe no one is. He can sit at his desk and say anything and the next day some woman in Australia can download it and listen as she rides her bike to work.

So it's easy, in much the same way as it is when reading blogs, to imagine that the person is talking just to you, that nobody else reads or listens. Today I listened to one of my favorite bloggers - Dan Klass from The Bitterest Pill apologize for being slow in getting a new podcast out and then for not having anything solid to say, but then simply said that he felt like he'd not called a friend in awhile and so just wanted to touch base and say hi. It was weird, because it felt like that - like he was just calling in to say, hey! how are you, I am fine, let's not let so much time pass next time.

Someone once told me I had an FM voice. And I think I have enough to talk about that I could actually fill the time. But I don't know - the shy person in me is terrified at the thought of it. And yet, here I am, putting words out there in another format? What is the difference, really?


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