Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I am so old.

I bought the first season DVD of the Partridge Family. I have a fairy robust collection of television DVDs, athough pretty much limited to older shows that you don't see in reruns everywhere, like "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and "Bob Newhart" and "Columbo." I wouldn't buy "the Brady Bunch" even though the first season is out, because it's on TV Land right now and I'm bored with it. (Yes, it's only on at 4 am, but that's a common time for me to wake up and not be able to fall asleep without tv noise.)

The Partridge Family, on the other hand, I haven 't seen in a really long time so I thought it would be cool to have. I was also much more of a Partridge Family fan than a Brady Bunch one (the Partridges were much cooler; the Bradys were kinda dweeby.) Yes, I was a kid when these shows were originally on: Friday nights, 8 and 8:30. I remember going to a slumber party the night of the second half of the Bradys in Hawaii two-parter - the party events were scheduled around the airing of the show.

I didn't expect to get so into the Partridge Family, though. I've been watching a couple of episodes a night all weekend. The episodes are fresh, yet weirdly familiar. I know every word to every song they sing, and it surprises me when every time I start singing along. (I had them on LP and cassette.)

And David Cassidy? He still has that something. He's really cute, and very charismatic when he sings. He was my first teen idol crush - I bought Tiger Beat magazine and 16, and he was my "fave rave." I remember being too young to appreciate Bobby Sherman and too old for Shaun Cassidy - David was at his peak right when I started noticing boys. (He would be quickly followed in my heart by Leif Garrett.)


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