Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I'm so old, Part 2.

I found out that a woman in my office and I are sorority sisters. I thought it was pretty cool, especially when I realized that I'd visited her college during my junior year with a group of emissaries from my chapter to celebrate/witness the installation of theirs. Of course she remembered the year - the year your chapter started is one of the first things you learn as a pledge. (Mine started in 1952. See?) But then I realized that for her 1983 was history - the year that I, all of twenty years old, came to her campus, was the same year she was born.

If that isn't bad enough, I pointed out that the drinking age went up from 18 to 19 while I was in college, and both she and another co-worker (he's 28 or so) didn't seem to realize it had ever been anything but 21. That changing law completely defined my college years, and those of the kids that followed soon after. (My brother was right on the cusp both when it went from 18 to 19, and then 19 to 21; one of those had no grandfather clause so he was actually legal for a few months and then underage again.)

But I never walked five miles to school in ten feet of snow.


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