Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Am I Being Rude?

I am coordinating this very complicated project at work, with lots of moving pieces. Not going to bore you with details, but every now and then I receive requests for something that can be resolved through compromise between two managers (of equal stature and in similar roles.) So one guy sends me a request, and I respond that the guy in the office next to him might possibly be able to help him. He replied that he was traveling and could I ask the other guy for him?

Hmmm. So he could reply to my email, type in a few sentences, and hit "send" on his blackberry, but he couldn't just forward to the other guy and ASK HIM HIMSELF?

Things like that boggle the mind. So I just hit "Forward" and sent the email as is to the other guy, with no explanation. Because what could I say? "Here's a request from X. He wanted me to send it to you because he's only able to type my name using those tiny blackberry keys."



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