Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My ship coming in?

I had a job interview yesterday, the first one in weeks that wasn't during 95 degree weather. It was actually nice, and I almost didn't mind that I had to wear a suit and pantyhose. Almost. I took the subway, only to discover that the stop I wanted was closed (not just closed - closed until next February! Yikes!) and I had to walk several blocks more on the unfamiliar streets before reaching my destination. In heels. Luckily, I am a nervous nellie about time, and so I got there super early even with the delay.

I sat outside for a bit to cool down and relax. The company is one of those in the World Financial Center downtown, across from Ground Zero, and along the water. If I worked there, I could step outside at lunch time and watch boats go by. It's easy to forget that you're on an island in NYC - or that we are a port city - so it's nice to be reminded.

I didn't have such a positive feeling after the interview - actually, I was convinced that I'd blown it, that my answers to some of the questions were transparent crap, and it depressed me. But... not to count chickens, but I actually got feedback this morning that indicates just the opposite. So we shall see.


Blogger jane said...

isnt it funny how sometimes our inner radar is so totally off? maybe you were so calm & calculated it didn't seem good to you, but to them it did. well, anyways, i hope you get the job.

8:29 PM  
Blogger medusa said...

thanks! hopefully I'll find out more next week.

11:35 AM  

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