Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Other Scrubs Soundtrack

Last night I watched a couple of episodes of "Scrubs" season 1 on DVD. I missed most of that season - there must have been something else in the same timeslot I preferred. (It's hard to remember, as it's been so long since I've had a show I absolutely had to see every week.) (Except "The Amazing Race.")

The bedroom is cooler than the living room (where the dvd player is attached to the TV) so I decided to curl up in bed and watch via the laptop, and, since the laptop speakers suck, headphones. But I kept jumping up, pulling the earpieces out of my ears or hitting pause, because it sounded like people were in my apartment. What I've never noticed when watching "Scrubs" on regular TV is that there is a constant patter of background noise - voices, beeping machinery, squeaky wheels, etc. - the sort of thing you'd hear in any hospital. It's always there in the background of every scene, but only becomes really obvious when it's right in your ear.

It's actually pretty cool.


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