Sunday, August 07, 2005

Wedding Crashers

Never go see a movie after a friend tells you that it was the funniest thing he's seen all year and that he laughed so hard he cried, not once, but three times. Not only will you walk in daring the film to make you laugh, you'll be desperately searching for those three hysterical moments - was it this? Could he have meant that? What is his kind of humor, anyhow?

Also, don't go see a silly comedy during a weekday matinee several weeks after it's been released, so that you can only count on about 6 or 8 others in the audience. Chances are they won't sit near you (and you'll be annoyed if they do anyway) and there is a limit on how many rows infectious laughter can cross.

But whatever you do, don't let your reaction color your review of the film. I mean, it's really funny - it just would have been funnier if I'd seen it opening weekend with a big crowd of people who hadn't heard any of the jokes before.

Oh, and make sure you don't get stale popcorn. Nothing funny about styrofoam kernels.


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