Wednesday, October 05, 2005

In Briefs

I haven't been posting much since my brain has been filled with new job transition stuff, none of which is very interesting to anyone but me. (Oh, there is the delightful coincidence that my former employer screwed up on the paperwork, so I'm continuing to get paid, while my new employer screwed up on the paperwork, so I might not get paid - but beyond the immediate irony that merely involves a lot of phone calls and faxes and emails.)

But I did have an interesting morning a few days ago: I took a pair of black cotton underpants from my dresser drawer, where they'd sat since I unpacked laundry a week or so earlier. (Note that black sounds more exotic than it is, considering they are from Victoria's Secret and other color choices include hot pink and aqua paisley, making black one of the basics.) I tried to put them on and realized, THEY WEREN'T MINE. Although they fit, they were a completely different style and brand than I own.

Now, understanding that I live alone, this is a bit unnerving.

I drop off my laundry at one of the nearby laundromats, paying for their "fluff and fold" service. It seemed indulgent at first, but really it doesn't cost that much more than doing it myself, and the small difference is worth not having to spend two hours of my time hanging around the laundromat. And the Russian ladies who work in this particular place are very pleasant, and I like the way they fold my clothes.

I'm a bit freaked out about it, but mostly hope that one of their other customers doesn't happen to buy VS cotton hi-leg briefs in the same size I do, because then if one of their pairs hid in the dryer to exit with my clothes, well, I'd never know the difference.


Blogger jane said...

Finally....took 3 tries to get to the comment section.

That's too weird that you got someone else's panties, same brand, same size, WRONG style, lol. I'd make sure you got all yours back, VS isn't exactly cheap.

10:30 PM  
Blogger medusa said...

Good thought, but I don't really think that they "swapped" mine with someone else's. What probably happened was a pair of someone else's were left behind, stuck to the side of a washer or dryer, and got mixed in with mine at some point, finished the cycle with mine, got folded with mine, etc.

And, I'm positive I wouldn't want mine back even if someone else had them... Victoria's Secret basic cotton briefs really are pretty inexpensive.

4:56 AM  

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