Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Random Insomniac Thoughts at 2 am

One. I don't know anyone who ever watched "Becker." I don't think I ever heard anyone even talk about it much, in person or in the media, and yet, according to imdb, it was on for 6 seasons. I may have seen one or two episodes during that time, just because I was curious about Ted Danson's hair. So why does CBS run reruns of "Becker" at 1:37 every morning? Is its target demographic people who've made it through the late-night lineup and are still hankering for a laugh? Does CBS not have any other sitcoms on the shelf, or did they make some kind of deal with Ted Danson? ("Yes, of course, we'll rake in big bucks with the syndication deal - and if we can't sell it, we'll just show it ourselves!")

Two. I was flipping through the channels, and according to the digital cable information box, one of the Cinemaxes ("Mighty Max" or whatever) was airing "Crash," the 2004 film directed by Paul Haggis. Only it wasn't, it was the 1996 movie "Crash," directed by David Cronenberg. I kinda got the hint when Holly Hunter & James Spader were having sex in a car.

Three. The "Brady Bunch" episode where Marcia & Greg fight over who gets the attic bedroom is more fun to watch after you know that they were sneaking off to make out during taping.


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