Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Who you talkin at?

I have so many brilliant thoughts on things to post when I'm walking to/from work. I need a keyboard connected to my brain to capture them, because when I'm sitting here facing the empty blogger box, my brain is in freefall. Or maybe I can get some kind of voice-activated recorder and spout out my thoughts for typing up later. I've often thought that would be perfect for story ideas that pop into my head at weird (i.e., not near pen/paper/computer) times. But I'm pretty sure that once I were able to save them and look at them later, they wouldn't be so brilliant. Much like drunken profound thoughts which, if you can even remember what they were, are absolutely ridiculous in the light of (sober) day.

If I had a voice-activated recorder, I could just walk down the street talking to myself, and fit right in! I've finally adjusted to seeing people do that with their nearly invisible hands-free cell phones, and no longer assume that they are crazy people. But what's scary now is that sometimes they still ARE lunatics, and I'm smiling along past them, thinking they are on a cell, and they are clearly not, and suddenly I am an uncomfortable foot or so away from an angry dude who wants to "kill all the bitches."

Today's fun spell check suggestions: For "freefall" we are offered "fearful," "firefly," and "friable." What the hell is "friable?" Able to be fried? Wouldn't that be... everything? I thought the deep-fried-snickers cuisine had that all covered by now.


Blogger Nick said...

Whenever I want to talk to myself about a blog post, or even sing, I just pretend I'm talking on my cell phone. You know, so people don't know I'm crazy...

6:57 AM  

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