Monday, November 21, 2005


Last fall, I went to a writing workshop at Francis Ford Coppola's mountain resort in Belize. The lodge is a two hour drive from the airport in Belize City, with the latter forty minutes or so over extremely rough dirt and rock roads. Several of my fellow attendees got so car sick from the ride up that they contemplated shelling out extra $$ to ride in the lodge's private plane back down to the airport, but none of us ultimately did.

Over the weekend, tropical storm Gamma hit Belize:
In western Belize, the private plane belonging to Coppola's resort, Blancaneaux Lodge, crashed Saturday morning, killing the Belizean pilot Rene Ram and two guests, said Kathleen Talbert, a spokeswoman for the filmmaker. Talbert, who declined to release the names of the guests, said the wreckage was found on the property of a neighboring resort.

I read elsewhere that the passengers were a couple on their honeymoon.


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