Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Get a receipt.

A few months ago, I got a $10 Starbucks card as a gift, and have kept adding money to it as it runs out. Mostly because it's easier when I'm in the office to grab my ID card and my Starbucks card than to mess with money and change. (I don't always have pockets.) Yesterday, as is my custom, I added $20 and then ordered my coffee. The woman at the register asked if I wanted a receipt, and I said "no." My wallet is always stuffed with receipts I never look at again, and it seems unnecessary. I can always check my Starbucks card balance online, which I've done a few times to remind me of when I last loaded it.

Today, however, when I went to pay, I was told I only had $1.14 on my card. Impossible. I got upset (understandably?) because it meant I was basically out $20. The manager tried to help me, but as he pointed out, without a receipt, I didn't really have proof. I couldn't remember which employee had waited on me. They have 4 registers running in the mornings and it's pretty chaotic. Since I go there several times a week, they've all waited on me and all look pretty familiar.

Anyway, he investigated it and said that the computer showed I made a $20 purchase yesterday. Which I didn't. (What costs exactly $20 anyhow? Even the Bob Dylan 2 CD set is $19.95.) I think he believed me, but it seems that either the woman on the register made a mistake, or she intentionally entered it wrong and took my $20. (Although he claims the register wasn't short, and if she recorded a purchase... I don't know, my brain hurts.) By this point, I was tired of the whole thing, needed to get back to work, so just left my business card along with the Starbucks card so he could look into it some more.

I did get today's latte for free. But I might just be out $16. Moral of the story: always get a receipt. If I had, and it were apparent that she input something wrong on the register, I could have addressed it right then and there.


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