Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ruminations on being sick

Bad thing about being on cold medicine round the clock: not really sure how bad the cold is because the symptoms are masked - did it really hit full on? Misjudgments in pill-popping time bring on cracks in the facade - a sudden runny nose during a movie because I forgot I'd need another dose before the two hours played out. No, I wasn't crying, I have a cold.

Bad thing about having a cold on a long weekend when you live alone and don't have to see anyone - you don't realize how bad your voice is until you answer the phone. Good thing - no one gives a shit what you look like. You can even go to the movies (across the street, at night, in the dark theater) with no makeup, puffy eyes, ragged sweat clothes, and a pocketful of tissues and it's as comfy as being in your own living room. Only the screen is bigger! My god, this Darcy is cute. Who knew?

Time for another dose.


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