Saturday, December 10, 2005

Good and Bad.

My computer is dead. Not sure if it will ever be resuscitated, but I am treating the laptop as my permanent home. I cleaned off my desk - by monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse. Hello, sleek little laptop.

Wait, this is nice.

Overall loss isn't as bad as I feared. I had backed up photos, back in January, so have many folders from my digital camera, plus all the old family pics I've scanned. So I just lost the photos I've taken since - could be much worse. I also discovered a way to copy songs from your iPod into iTunes (theoretically, according to Apple, impossible) from one of the forums on the Apple site. I had 650 songs on my iPod, and only 150 on my laptop hard drive - and normally you can just sync one way. It didn't work perfectly, but I managed to snag 400 of the missing songs. I might try again tomorrow and see if I can get the last 100 somehow, although I'm not sure why they were missed the first time.

You can imagine how much time that took - the research, the copying, etc. And I had to download a printer driver, set up my scanner, load digital camera software, try to figure out why my speakers don't work (?? on that one still), and restore files from the various places I've backed them up. Oh, and install Microsoft Money again. I had not backed that up in a month, which isn't so long, but it's not easy to recreate an entire month's worth of checks and withdrawals, even with online banking. It's just time consuming.

That was my day. Granted, this was all on about 4 hours sleep. (I snoozed between 7 and 9:30.) It didn't make for a very happy Saturday.

Tomorrow will be better, I promise.

Now, to bed.


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