Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Muzak Morning

Two things so far that aren't perfect with this job:

1) No full length mirror in the ladies' room on my floor. Sometimes, especially after trucking in wearing a long wool coat, with a skirt that often suffers from static cling, it's nice to be able to get a full view of what you're presenting to your colleagues. I'm reduced to glancing at my profile as I pass the glass windows of darkened offices...

2) Meetings don't start on time. I've discovered it's a corporate cultural thing - in some places I've worked, everyone is prompt and the expectation is if you run 10 minutes late, you miss the start of the meeting. Other places, like here, every meeting starts 5-15 minutes late, and nobody gets their panties in a bunch about it. I have to adjust to that kind of thinking - I'm always early for things and was taught to believe that keeping people waiting was rude.

I'm sitting on a conference call right now, listening to hokey Christmas hold music, watching people enter a virtual meeting space. It's not much different than being the first person in a live conference room, watching people enter, waiting and growing more and more bored. Put THAT in your Live Meeting commercials, Apprentice contestants!


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