Friday, December 16, 2005

Strike the Sneakers, Please

A lasting legacy of the NYC subway strike in 1980 is the terrifying habit of women wearing sneakers with their suits and business clothes, because of all the additional walking they had to do for the 11 days it lasted.

No explanation for the thick white socks over pantyhose, or why the sneakers always have to be bright white.

Hey, I also think women who wear spindly-heeled boots in the snowy streets are idiots. I wonder how sexy they are going to feel if they are suddenly forced to walk further than two blocks - a blackout, a subway breakdown, or god forbid, another terrorist attack.

But you don't have to resort to big ugly white sneakers - there are attractive comfortable walking shoes and boots out there that look professional and not like your house burnt down with all of your real shoes while you were halfway between the gym and home and all you had left to your name were the sweaty clothes on your back and the suits you'd left at the dry cleaners.


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