Monday, December 05, 2005

Two R's

There are actresses I always get confused because they play similar roles and have similar appearances. For example, Katie Holmes (pre-Cruise) and Natalie Portman. Quick: which starred in "Pieces of April"? Are you sure? Which was Zach Braff's girlfriend in "Garden State"? I swear, could be either.

Another pair I am increasingly mixing up is Renee Zewelleger and Reese Witherspoon. Used to be easy: Renee was the "Jerry Maguire" chick and Reese the great Tracey Flick from "Election." But then they both started doing romantic comedies, and period films, and now musicals. When someone remarked on Reese's suprising singing ability in the Johnny Cash film, I thought, gee, she got an Oscar nomination for singing in "Chicago," right? And wasn't bad in "Down with Love," either. But no, those were Renee.

Seriously, though, you try it. Who was in "Sweet Home Alabama"? "Nurse Betty"?

Maybe it's just me?

I didn't see any movies this weekend. It was cold and snowy, a perfect time to huddle in a theater, but I didn't feel like going very far and I've seen every one of the five films playing in the theater across the street. (That's unusual - there's often one cartoon or sappy drama I won't bother to see.) "The Squid & The Whale" is still playing. I saw that it had the most Independent Spirit Award nominations, which is cool, but I also still feel like I'm the only one who ever saw it. None of my co-workers or friends have heard of it.


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