Monday, January 30, 2006


I am sooooo disappointed in my online writing class, and I'm ready to blame the instructor. The level of discussion on the discussion board is practically nothing, but he has really done nothing to promote it. He still hasn't answered my email about whether or not the rest of the lectures will be copies of ones from my last class (with a different instructor.)

When I posted here Saturday, I'd had 3 people comment on my story. Since then? Only two more. The last instructor (who I didn't think was so great, but now is the gold standard) would send out reminders as the week neared its end to all who hadn't yet commented, and would hold off on making her comments until most, if not all, were in. That way she wouldn't influence the peers' reviews. This guy? Gave me feedback after only 5 classmates had commented, a full three days before the week ended. Nobody has bothered to comment since then.

So, I'm not getting valuable lectures, the discussion is pitiful, and I can't even get my full share of comments/feedback. (It's not just me, the others being workshopped this week don't have more than 5 or 6.) What's left? Oh, yeah, the weekly chat. Last week there were two of us, remember? This week - I mean, like, right now - there is just me.

I will definitely call tomorrow to see what my options are for refund or credit.

Baby fish update - still doing fine! I counted 15 tonight, but there could be another hiding in the leaves of the plant. They are livelier today, swimming around the plant and not lying on the floor like yesterday. I gave them food but am not sure they are eating it (mouths too tiny to see motion.) You are supposed to feed them frequently, but I don't have that luxury - I'm gone 12 hours a day.


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