Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hot & Cold

I have a cold. It's mostly my fault, as I stood here in the office last week and boasted that I only get one cold per winter, and since I already had it, I'm fine til spring. As the words left my mouth, germs from every corner of the floor came rushing toward me to take their place.

But it's also the insanely hot apartment and the uncomfortably cold office. Yesterday for example: I am so sweaty in the morning that while I can rationalize that I'll need more than a light coat and short sleeve shirt outside, I don't care. I'm so hot, I tell myself it's okay if I am cold when I get outside, because it will be a relief from the heat. It will feel good. And, then of course, like yesterday morning, I'm out for a few minutes and it's cold sleety rain with a strong wind, and I have a bare head and the gloves that happened to still be in my pocket, but the wind is turning my umbrella inside out and useless, and I am freezing. Then I get to the office, with its constant a/c, and there I am with damp clothes, wet hair, runny nose.

I am seriously going to look for another apartment in the spring. Although I should probably look now, while it's cold out, so I can judge for myself how the place is heated and make sure I will be able to control it.

Meanwhile, I can find the cold medicine aisle in the nearby Eckerd's with my eyes closed.


Blogger madabandon said...

Every apartment I have lived in in NYC has been too hot. Either too hot or freezing, depending on the time of day. My own place is either sweltering--and I must open all windows in mid-winter--or the heat is off and I am wearing a sweater and jacket inside...

8:51 PM  

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