Monday, January 16, 2006

I Hate All the 's

I was up at 5 am again today, so just said "fuck it," and went to the gym. Why not? I'm awake and only going to sit around in my apartment not falling asleep, so why not make it productive? Last week I went to the gym twice before work, which was fabulous as it leaves my evenings free. Plus it's much less crowded.

And the tv options are decent - MTV and VH1 play music videos in the early morning. I know! Can you believe it? Sorry to be so sarcastic but I am a child of the 80's(well, a child of the 60's and 70's, but a young adult of the 80's) who remembers when MTV was about the music, not about reality and makeover shows. Really, though, I'm less depressed about MTV's transformation than I am VH1's. Remember when it launched, as the anti-MTV? Going back to the musical roots of musical television, leaving its elder sibling station to the likes of "Real World" and "Road Rules" and "Beavis & Butthead." Skewing slightly older, which was cool, because it was skewing right along with my advancing age.

Now VH1 is one of my least favorite stations on cable. It seems like all the shows are some variation on clip shows, "I Love the 80s" or "Decade's Hottest Hotties" or some such crap countdown show where F-list talking heads give their opinions on everything under the sun. Who cares? I don't even know who these idiots are, so why do I care who they think is the hottest hottie? Do they even care? It's just a venue for them to try to be the most hip and clever in their 15 second quips, before the next never-known's shiny head appears to spout another opinion. If I wanted to relive the 80's, I'd prefer, I don't know, maybe some actual content from the 80's, not some badly edited clips.

Ah, but VH1 is also home to "Celeb-reality," just in case the networks' toying with shows like "Surreal Life" and "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here" wasn't enough. What's that you say? The networks don't do those any more? Right, because they were BAD and nobody watched. But, hey, don't tell the hip programmers at VH1. Not only have they resurrected "Surreal Life" but have been home to its spin-offs - the show about the Brady dude and his temporary girlfriend, who met on the show, and two separate series staring Flava Flav. I could go on, but the existence of "Celeb Fit Club 3" frightens me, because that means there had to be a "1" and a "2."


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