Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Sorry for wasting two posts bitching about my class. And there's so much else I could be bitching about!

Academy Award nominations shortly - I will have to leave my apt. before they are announced, and get to work when they already have been. The disadvantages of subway commute. Ah, well. Maybe I'll be back to comment on them later.

You've probably noticed that I have not commented on any of the other awards, but I'm honestly not that into them. I especially hate watching awards shows, which are just a bunch of commercials and predictable acceptance speeches and pretty/ugly dresses. I get as much as I need from morning after recaps.

I also, despite my obsession with films, good tv, and other forms of entertainment, hate "celebrity." Shows like "Entertainment Tonight" and "Extra" just drive me crazy, and clearly the E! network is not on my favorites list. It boils down to this: I love the movies, the end product of the creative process, but don't care about the romantic or criminal entanglements of the parties involved. Unfortunately, it's hard to escape a lot of that when you're following the art itself, because the entertaiment media has trouble separating them. And once you know the headlines, you don't really need to read the crappy articles or watch the stupid tv clips, because there is little meat behind the main hook - "Angelina pregnant with Brad's baby!" etc.

So I was disturbed over the weekend to wake up after a vivid dream that Jennifer Aniston had died. I was at work and someone was telling me about it, and I asked how, and they said something sarcastic like, "Well, likely the fall killed her," which I took to mean she'd jumped. And I was filled with sadness, first of all that "Rumor Has It" would be her last movie (although I think she's filmed more by now - isn't she in that Matthew McConaghy living with his mom at 35 movie? Oh, wait, that's Sarah Jessica Parker. Aren't they just swapping roles these days? "Yeah, get me the short skinny ex-tv superstar chick with the long blond hair - no, not her, the other one.") Yeah, I'm being somewhat sarcastic about that one. But I also was sad that her early death would now eclipse her fame for everything else she's ever done or would ever do. Like, I don't know, River Phoenix. And then, I woke up and was half-convinced that it was true. Instead, I learned that Chris Penn had died a few days earlier. Not quite the same, but he was in "Footlose" as SJP's love interest, which is a connection, although only in my addled brain.

Wow, I'm rambling on enough that I might still catch the nominations before I am ready to leave. Is that a justifiable excuse for lateness in the corporate world?


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