Thursday, January 19, 2006


My job has picked up just as my online writing workshop starts, and I'm still determined to stick with my accelerated gym schedule. This makes me a bit crazed. Granted, this is nothing compared to women who juggle jobs and families, or my brother who works and commutes and barely sees his kids awake each day, yet alone have time to stop at a gym. So once again, I'm spoiled and whining.

Really I'm tense today because I have to speak at a large staff meeting, and I hate that. Public speaking is not my thing. Years ago I won a contest at work and had to give a speech in front of a room full of executives at the Rainbow Room. The next year, I took home second place and I was thrilled because #2 got to go to the luncheon and get the praise but not have to step up to the podium and say anything.

I'd make a great Oscar nominee.


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