Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bits & Pieces

So the Academy Award nominations... pretty on target in my book. Of course, I'd have "Syriana" for Best Picture instead of "Good Night & Good Luck" (which I didn't find as compelling as most) and think "Walk the Line" should be there, but not sure in place of what. I love that "Crash" was nominated, that Terrence Howard got a nomination for "Hustle & Flow" and that Catherine Keener & Rachel Weisz got nominations. (Have you ever seen her in "The Shape of Things"? It's a very slow, stagey film (based on Neil LaBute's play) and has an interesting enough twist that I pretend makes me watch it over and over - but I think the truth is I'm obsessed with Paul Rudd's fake nose. It's actually not such a great movie.)

I am rambling, I know.

I heard on NPR's "On the Media" that James Frey tried to sell his book as fiction, but couldn't get a publisher interested, and so on the advice of someone (agent?), re-packaged it as a memoir. So whose fault is it? Frey's? The publishing world? The buying public, who want things packaged a certian way? I don't quite get what the big brouhaha is all about, except that I suppose the lesson is you don't make Oprah look like a fool.

Not an Oprah fan, though I can't really put my finger on why.


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