Monday, February 13, 2006

Two Films

I saw two films this weekend, one in the theater and one on DVD, and now that I want to talk about them they are getting jumbled in my head. They're really not that much alike except that 1) I watched them particularly for a specific actress's Oscar nominated performance and 2) they both deal with issues of family identity - returning home after having chosen a life different than the one you were raised in.

Maybe that's a stretch.

The two films were "Transamerica" and "Junebug" and I really liked them both. Amy Adams is quite spectacular in "Junebug"; she's created a very vivid character who is both endearing and annoying and ultimately the center of the film. I think the movie was supposed to be about her brother-in-law George, who returns to his rural home with his suddenly new city bride, but George disappears for much of the movie. His relationship with his brother Johnny seems like it should be the center of the film, but it's overpowered by the relationship between Amy Adam's Ashley and Embeth Davidtz's Madeline. It was a surprise to me when George (the unbearably handsome Alessandro Nivola) comes in near the end of the film and takes a stand with Madeline and his family, because I'd almost forgotten he was in it. But it's good, worthwhile watching.

"Transamerica" I saw in the theater in the midst of the blizzard. Not to be outdone, this film also features a hot young actor, namely Kevin Zegers, who seemed very, very familiar, until I got home and imbd-ed him only to realize he was the young boy in the "Airbud" movies! Yes, the pre-teen who was age-appropriate for my little niece is now the one I'm lusting after. I feel dirty. But he's really cute! Anyway, Felicity Huffman is very good. I'm glad she made this before "Desperate Housewives" but only wish she'd gotten all the kudos for her role before accepting the contract on that show. She's soooo good in almost everything I've seen - and not just serious roles, I absolutely loved her in "Sports Night." But I hate her character so much in "DH" that I just can't watch it any more. (It sucks for other reasons, too, I think.) But "Transamerica" is really good, and she's good, and I really enjoyed it.


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