Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Maybe I'm paranoid.

Or maybe it's because it's happened to me before, twice in my career. On both occasions I was reporting into someone who did the same basic work as me, only at a higher level (as opposed to the times when I reported to the CEO or President) and on both occasions, the person left and I wound up doing their job for awhile, then eventually getting the promotion. Both times, my boss completely left the industry to do something different: one moved to Europe where his wife was attending art school, and another moved to the Caribbean to open a restaurant with her chef husband.

Now it's been quite a few years since those happened, but here I am wondering if things really do happen in threes. Here's the situation: On Friday my boss left early, not telling me, but telling another person on our team. This is very out of character for him. Yesterday, he told me he had a lunch meeting in midtown, a meeting that it made some sense that I also attend, but he was going alone. Whatever. He left the office just before noon. He called at 3 from his cell phone to check in, and then never came back. I ran into him on the street at 5:30 as I was leaving. (He has to come back this way to go home.) He was wearing a suit, which in itself is unusual, but he also made it a point to explain why (the lunch meeting was formal.) I'm still not sure how a lunch meeting with two very busy people wound up taking 5 hours. (Although maybe my paranoia is simply misplaced, and he's having an affair!) Final nail in my conspiracy theory coffin: he has family in Hawaii, spent two weeks there recently, and told me he's considered quitting the corporate life to move there permanently.

Watch this space for updates.

PS More Blogger spellcheck fun! For "midtown," it suggests "Madonna" and "mutiny."


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