Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Life is a Seinfeld episode.

The days of referencing "Seinfeld" every time something funny happens are less and less common, but every now and then I find myself living one unexpectedly. Today it was the episode where Jerry has taped the Met game because he was out of town at a gig, and has managed to go the whole next day without seeing/hearing about the score so he can relax in front of the tv that night and watch. He answers his phone with, "Hello, don't tell me what happened in the Met game because I haven't seen it yet!" Etc., etc. And then, just as he turns it on, Kramer walks in, sees the tv, and says, "Wasn't that a great game last night? I couldn't believe that blah blah blah..."

So: Last night, tired, I set the VCR for "The Amazing Race," knowing that I'm bound to fall asleep before it comes on at 10. (Yup. I dozed off sometime during the 8-9 pm hour.) Last week I did the same, and was really proud of myself that I managed to make it all the way until Friday night without hearing who'd been eliminated. I sat down and watched the episode, and lo and behold! Nobody was, it was one of the show's annoying "To be continued..." legs. Now, this week, let's see if I can also avoid the spoilers, as I probably won't get a chance to watch the episode until Friday again. And, I'm at the gym, volume turned up on the tv on the elliptical because they are playing 60's music I like (I can move faster to the Rolling Stones and the Doors than hip-hop - I'm an old white girl) and I'm so into it I am not paying attention and my eyes drift over to the big tv on the wall and - it's CBS's morning show, and there is the eliminated team. Damn. I even stared for a second and thought, "Oh, look, it's So-and-so and So-and-so, why are they on tv?" before I realized it meant THEY LOST LAST NIGHT. Sob. Not only am I pissed that I know the ending of the show, but they were one of my favorite teams.

At least I've already watched this week's "24" so I know who died.


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