Thursday, May 04, 2006

I need sleep.

I'm really really tired this morning. Last night we had a retirement party for a co-worker and I got home pretty late, got to bed much later than my usual, and still woke up at 4:30 unable to fall back to sleep again. But at least I won't be hungover in the office like some of my co-workers.


I have to figure out some kind of sleeping-in-late remedy. I'm reluctant to because unless it involves cement plugs in my ears, I fear I'd get my body happily adjusted only to have a neighbor kabosh the whole thing with elephantine footsteps. On Saturday night, the upstairs one woke me at 2:30 when she came home and after I'd fallen asleep again, the next door one woke me at 4:00. He also woke me at 4:30 on Sunday night/Monday morning.


I ate poorly last night. Typical mass catering food: fried appetizers, big pans of saucy and greasy buffet options. I don't eat meat and the dinner choices were beef or chicken. I could have just had pasta but it was cheesy tortellini that I could sense would taste like wallpaper paste and sit in my stomach like the same, so I stuck with salad slathered in dressing and string beans swimming in oil. I probably consumed more calories in those two greasy dishes than in any day in the last month. But there wasn't much I could do - the party was on a boat without any room for choice.

(Don't feel too sorry for me - I also had a few crabcakes during the cocktail hour.)


So, last night I dreamt I was on the boat and Lindsay Lohan was there. She was upset because people were treating her like she was a freak, and I told her that although I didn't know her personally, I think she's a brilliant actress and that says something about her character. She latched onto "brilliant" like I was handing her an Oscar and wouldn't stop thanking me and telling me how she wanted to turn her life around and focus on her "art."

I am not in the habit of dreaming about teenage actresses. Really. I might have fallen asleep to a trailer for her next movie. And I don't really think she's brilliant, although I think she has talent.


I can't believe it's already May.


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