Monday, May 15, 2006

Lost & Fish

I hate when a presidential address takes over the tv. I hate it even when I don't think the president is a stupid ass, so you can probably imagine how much it sucks when it's the current idiot. I don't know how anyone can watch him for more than two minutes without wanting to scratch off all of their skin.


One of my favorite podcasts right now is Lostcasts. They do a very thorough, yet very entertaining look at each week's Lost episode, complete with their own theories, listeners' theories, and some great research on literary and cultural references brought up on the episodes. They make me feel smarter for watching the show. And who doesn't need her brain massaged after staring at the tube for an hour?


The Baby Jane legal secretary was missing again today. I really am curious. Not yet worried.

After 9/11, I was talking to the owner of the nail salon down the block about how she might not even notice if a regular customer disappeared until she hadn't seen them for a few weeks. Sometimes you have customers who you don't really talk to, but they come in often, you exchange pleasantries, and then they stop coming, and you don't know whether it's because they found another salon they liked or moved away or dropped dead.


Out of 17 baby fish, 15 are still alive! Seven now live in a separate 5 gallon tank, with the other eight in the main tank with the other fish. Both tanks are too crowded, but other than turning my apartment into a low budget water world, I don't have much choice. There are some that are smaller than the rest, not growing as well, and I could "cull" them but I can't kill a fish. I never thought that so many would survive!


Blogger Pynchon said...

I would love to listen to the Lostcasts, but we are only on episode 5 of series 2 in the UK. Spoilers and all that.

5:32 PM  
Blogger Sam I am said...

I totally agree with not wanting to listen to the President's address. It always interupts your favorite program, in this instance it was delaying the Prison Break Season Finale. It's one show my husband and I actually both like and watch together almost religiously. I mentioned that the President's address was violating our freedom to watch what we wanted to on tv, making every channel show him yapping his gums. He said I totally sounded like a Republican at that moment. I just laughed it off. I was happy to know it was only 15 minutes of dribble this time.

12:40 PM  
Blogger medusa said...

Pynchon, you can download the archived podcasts, as they discuss the early episodes and were recorded back then so were at the same point you are now. ITunes has all of the archives.

10:23 AM  

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