Saturday, May 27, 2006

Post Trauma

Phew. This morning I was having major computer trauma, but it seems to be better now. I don't know what I did to cure it except that after restarting my computer four times, I completely shut it down, left the apartment for three hours, and returned to find it all better. I guess shutting down is better than restarting, but I was really nervous about not being able to get it back on.

I hate feeling hopeless with my computer. I'm fairly tech savvy, and have developed a decent ability to scour the internet for solutions and fixes. This time I thought I'd found it - and maybe I really did.

But the aggravation that I feel when I can't fix it eats at me. Is it any wonder that I am still stuck on a strict antacid regimen?

Saturday of a long long long weekend. A promising to be beautiful weekend, too. I have no firm plans, just usual weekend errands and bull-shitting around the house, although a friend left me a message to call her if I'm up for something. I'd just as soon stay in my little bubble, but I need to start socializing more. It's too easy to huddle by myself and soon enough I'll be an old woman living alone without even a cat to talk to. (Fish, though!)


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