Saturday, May 20, 2006


A long busy work week ends. I'm being lazy this morning, soaking up the inactivity. Ever since I started my new job, weekends are so much more relaxed, probably because I am less stressed in general.

Here's an example of how cool this company is: because we had a good year, they are giving every single employee four extra days off this summer! Four! Not one, or even two! FOUR! That's on top of the announced holidays (and we get off the day before July 4 and the Friday before Labor Day) and vacation. Other companies I worked for might send you a pen with the company logo or something. MIGHT. More likely, they would just take the money and run.

Example two: Yesterday I received a package at home - they sent everyone a 1gb flash drive. For free. We're encouraged to use it for backing up work files to bring home (never underestimate the preparation plans for a company displaced by 9/11 for months (years?))

I'd be in pig heaven if it weren't for some kind of pump thingy that is working on the basement of a building across the street, with a LOUD NOISY generator thing sitting in a truck bed below my window. Did I say loud? It's like someone is running a lawn mower through my bedroom. But it's too beautiful out to close the windows... Muffled loud sound not being much more palatable than straight loud sound...


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