Friday, May 26, 2006

Who else is working?

I have new glasses. My prescription changed slightly, but it's the first new prescription in 3-4 years (I've replaced glasses, but had no change) and so things are a bit off. Like depth perception. Walking down the iron stairs from the optical place was a little tricky. And everything on my computer screen looks bigger. Weird.

I'm not bigger. I'm smaller. 45 pounds smaller. That's a lot, isn't it? I feel weird even writing about it because a) I'm not interested in this becoming a weight loss blog and b) I feel like my devoted readership will pause and say, "wow, she was huge." Funny how I can worry about feeling judged for something in the past.

I have about 15 more to go, maybe a few more, depending on how I look and feel then. I am currently in between sizes, which is difficult because some smaller things I bought a few months ago are already too big but I'm not quite comfortable being tight in the next size down. So I wait it out. Another few weeks, maybe. Wherever I settle, I'd like it to not be in between two sizes, though, so I can just buy clothes and wear them!

Friday before a holiday weekend. Can it get any quieter in the office? A chance to get a lot of work done, get caught up. I am sure everyone else will leave early but I am blessed with an afternoon meeting from 4-5 pm. How cruel is that?


Blogger medusa said...

I am having computer problems again. Outlook Express won't open, Norton Internet Security won't open, and some websites crash. Including blogger, so I can't even post here. Guess I'll see if the comments works.

Why aren't there computer support stores around? I mean computer doctors who will fix your computer software and get you running again. Surely I'm not the only one who has these problems? I'm pretty self reliant, and find most answers online. (Not this time though.) I found an 800# for a computer doctor in Brooklyn but they are located really far away.

It's a really sucky way to start the weekend.

1:38 PM  

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