Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Remember when I said I wasn't going to write about my family on this blog, out of respect for their privacy? Screw that. Right now I just need to. You see, my mother is in the process of moving - sold her house, movers are scheduled to come in two days, and the closing is next week. She's been packing for a month. Today, the repeated heavy rains in upstate NY caused the Delaware River to overflow, and her house and land? Now under water. She's evacuated with the dogs and is waiting it out - the rain continues, with another couple of inches due tomorrow. All of the roads surrounding her are washed out. My stepfather had to abandon his truck on a flooded road and suspects it's long gone (rushing water, not car thiefs.) In the midst of worrying about her own safety and that of her animals, she now is tormented by the fear that the buyers will back out, that there will be significant damage that she can't afford to fix (being cash poor if the sale doesn't go through.) One thing is sure: no moving trucks are getting near there on Thursday. Luckily her new place is far away, and on high ground. She owns it outright, and can move there whenever, but it's a half-renovated house that she planned on finishing with the money from the sale of the old house... I can't even call her because she's staying at a neighbor's (not even sure which one) and doesn't have a cell phone. My brothers spoke to her so they know she's okay but I wish I could, too.


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