Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Spidey and the Fat Man

"Spiderman 3" is filming on my block later this week. A location scout came to the door last night and asked about putting a light on our roof. (I don't know how much luck he'll have with the cranky landlords, but not my problem.) Of course I am imagining Tobey Maguire swinging from the tops of the brownstones, but most of that is CGI, isn't it? It's probably a scene where he meets someone in front of the movie theater, or, horror of horrors, Blockbuster (also on this block.) Holy product placement, Batman! (I know. Wrong franchise.)


I slept late today because I had the fan going strong all night and didn't hear my upstairs neighbor's alarm go off or her stumbling around her bedroom as she got up. I'm resisting putting the air conditioner in the window because it blocks my view as I sit at my computer, plus eliminates any option for open windows and breeze. Two hot nights already, though, so I'm nearing the breaking point. I also hate doing it myself - there's always that moment of suspense when I feel that it's not quite secure enough and will go crashing down onto the sidewalk below. Hey, if I wait until Thursday, Spiderman could catch it before it killed an unsuspecting passerby, right?


I saw "The Breakup" on Sunday. Not much to say that hasn't been said. It's not really a comedy - was it marketed that way? I guess so, because all of the remotely funny scenes were either in trailers or interview clips so they must have been pushing the comic angle. That of course left nothing fresh to laugh at. And, you really can't laugh at the dead-on intensity of the fights between Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. If I didn't know better (thank you tabloid hell) I'd suspect the actors hated each other. The coolest thing about the film was their apartment. The oddest was how big Vaughn looked - bloated big, his face so puffy that his closely-shorn hair looked like a wrongly sized wig. I figured it was just the tired cliche that a man can be dumpy and still get the girl, but apparently it was a plot point because at the end of the movie (come on, I'm not giving away "The Sixth Sense" here), Aniston's character runs into him and comments on how much weight he's lost (and, face back to somewhat normal, it appears he has.) So... he gained weight for the role? Really? I mean, this isn't "Raging Bull." Although I suppose I'm a hypocrite for thinking it's okay for Renee Zewelleger to put on the pounds for "Bridget Jones," since that's not Scorsese either. But seriously, being fat is not Vince's character's problem in the movie, (as struggling with weight is a constant theme in the "Bridget Jones" books and films) nor is it the reason he and Aniston's character break up. Apparently it's just one of those outward symbols we're supposed to see and recognize. Look, he's exercising! He must be a changed man. Whatever.

I really didn't hate the film, although I didn't love it either. I'd like to live in their condo, though. Does anyone outside of NYC fall in love with real estate in movies the way I do?


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