Sunday, June 25, 2006


I posted last Thursday during the Spiderman filming, but then started to feel like a stalker celebrity gawker, so took it down. Summary: it was a carnival, with hundreds of people watching on the streets and sidewalks. They filmed directly in front of my building, with huge lights and a white screen blocking my front door. I looked out my bedroom window and saw the top of Tobey Maguire's head. I took pictures - maybe I'll post them sometime when I feel less geeky about it.

Today I went and saw "Wordplay," the documentary on crossword puzzle champions that I've been hearing about for months from Will Shortz during his bit on "Weekend Edition" on NPR. It's a fun movie - well, fun if you like crosswords I guess, not so much if you don't. It's like "Spellbound" for grownups. Immediately I left and thought, why don't I do crosswords anymore? I get into obsessions and ruts easily. I stopped crosswords for logic puzzles, then number puzzles, then solitaire games on my palm pilot. But I do love completing puzzles. Naturally, the New York Times charges for their daily crossword puzzle online (through a membership that gives you other stuff as well), and I don't buy the paper on a regular basis since I can read it online now. Maybe I'll just dig through my stack of puzzle magazines and finish those to satisfy my sudden urge for wordplay!

A weird and quiet weekend. I went to the gym this morning, came home and tried to nap, couldn't, read half a book, then had no idea what to do with the rest of the day. For weeks I've been saying I wanted a rainy weekend so I would have to stay inside and clean, but now that one's here, I am so not motivated. When it's not sunny, I don't see the dust as much anyway. So I left the apartment without a destination and remembered that "Wordplay" was playing at the new IFC cinema, just steps from the subway, so why not?

Blogger spellcheck offers "wraithful" for "wordplay" and "NEVER" for "NPR." Wow.


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