Tuesday, June 27, 2006

World Cup

There's this common refrain that Americans are the only people not glued to the tv watching the World Cup. And yet, I can't escape it. We have tvs at work in the elevator banks and lobbys, and those that are typically tuned into to CNN or Bloomberg News are on ESPN or ESPN2. Sometimes two tvs side by side will each be tuned into a different match. Small clusters of people congregate around them, and others call out when they walk by, "What's the score?" Bars and restaurants are advertising games on their chalkboard easels. Half the tvs in the gym are tuned in (and the other half seem to be broken.) Just yesterday on the street, I passed a father telling his young daughter which teams had won the night before and what that meant.

I know that NYC is by no means the barometer of the U.S., (would that it were so!), so I guess maybe it isn't like this in the rest of the country.


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