Tuesday, July 18, 2006

As cold as I wanna be

I slept in my own bed for the first time in five days, and oddly didn't sleep very well. Maybe it's the sound of the a/c. I was brought up in an aggressive energy-conserving household - as much an environmental concern as a cost-conscious one. In the back of my mind, even in 95 degree humidity, is "Do I really need this on?"

But damn it's hot out. Damn, it's hot in the other parts of my apartment which aren't air-conditioned. Hot days keep me imprisoned in my bedroom. I ate dinner right here at my desk - cheese and crackers, carrots, fruit - anything cold that didn't require standing too long in the kitchen, which receives direct sun in the later part of the day. This was after returning home from a company picnic, where I tried not to sweat as I watched co-workers complain about how hot it was playing basketball and tennis in the sun. There was a pool, but I'm of the type not to want to wear a bathing suit in front of co-workers, even when I can reasonably fit into one. I was surprised to see a handful of women (not all of them with model bodies) prance around the pool in revealing suits, even as I was pleased to see a handful of men decidedly better-looking shirtless than in business casual clothes. I may never look at a certain co-worker the same again. Which exactly proves my point.

At least there were no speedo incidents, ala Larry David.

I need to leave my a/c apartment for the gym, which is nicely frigid, and then to the office, which is even colder, but I'm having a hard time getting up and out.


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